14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

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Your school years are an exciting time.

You’ll meet lots of new people, learn how to bounce a quarter off cups of different sizes (and under different conditions of sobriety), and hopefully also learn a thing or two on these rare occasions that you really accomplish in your 7:45 am chemistry class. .

However, your school years are more than just socializing, drinking early afternoon classes, and going off – it is. You’ll understand your politics, determine what you’d like to do for a living, and most significantly, determine if you’re a dog person (assuming you don’t already understand this).

Even when you have grown up in a house full of pets, you will finally have the opportunity to receive your own personal dog. This implies that you will have to choose the type of dog you want, but you will also be entrusted with the duty to take care of your new pet.

It is very important to think carefully about your choice and to choose a dog that fits your lifestyle. Your first foray into life may end up being more challenging than necessary.

We’ll try to help you make a fantastic choice by listing some of their best dogs for faculty students, but we’re likely to explore the issues an ordinary college student might want from a dog.

Top 14 Dogs for College Students

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a great choice for students. They are small dogs without being too small. However, it’s their personality more than their size that makes them an excellent choice. They are calm, kind and loving.

They love to smell and explore, but they soon tire and are ready to be pampered. They can’t be left on their own for too long as they can struggle with separation anxiety.

2. English Bulldog

14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

English Bulldogs might seem intimidating to some people and perhaps an odd choice. However, they can be fantastic puppies to have around. Since they don’t require too much exercise, they are very easy to maintain. English Bulldogs are also surprisingly friendly. They are happy to receive low-key attention and like to linger for long periods of time.

3. Papillon

French for “butterfly”, Papillon means “bow tie”. It represents how the hair in and around the ears swells outward to seemingly form wings. They are a charming addition to college student life thanks to their cute fox faces. Since they are small dogs, they can be adapted to small apartments. They are very friendly and easy to care for. Most of the maintenance they will need is consistent brushing for their glorious coat.

4. Borzois

14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

The Borzois is a medium-sized dog that borders on being a large breed. They are a wonderful breed, with a calm disposition and easygoing personality making them very manageable around the house. They are intelligent and vocal. Borzois need some exercise, so they’re best paired with a runner or someone who needs the extra motivation to spend time outdoors.

5. Golden Retriever

14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

The Golden Retriever is a large breed dog that is friendly and easy to train. They are often used as emotional support dogs because they have unlimited patience and high levels of adaptability and sociability. Although they need to be exercised, they can still take a few walks every day.

6. Poodle

14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

Poodles come in three different sizes, the larger standard, the miniature, and the toy. Each of these has similar characteristics although they vary widely in size. For a college student, a smaller size may be more appropriate for a smaller living space.

They are thought to be a snobbish dog breed but are actually an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. They are intelligent and can almost manage themselves. They have hypoallergenic skin and are incredibly affectionate towards the people they love.

7. Pug

14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

A Pug is a great choice if you are looking for a small dog. They don’t need a lot of exercises and have a low-maintenance coat. Cashier training is a good option for them. However, it can be difficult to house a train. Pugs are not suitable for active people such as runners or hikers. Their brachycephalic faces prevent them from breathing well in intense situations.

8. Greyhound

14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

Greyhounds are calm and collected when they are indoors. Greyhounds love to snuggle up under furry blankets.

You can also run with them.

While they may be larger than their counterparts, they don’t show this by knocking over furniture or tearing up furniture. Most of their size is in their height, so they become incredibly graceful dogs.

9. Irish Greyhound

14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

The expression of their energy is similar to Irish Greyhounds. They are calm in the house and get along well with almost all other living things. They are comfortable with people and other animals. Irish Greyhounds require a lot of exercises every day. Make sure you allow enough time between classes to allow them to hang out often.

10. Labrador Retriever

14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

If you are looking for a medium-sized dog and prioritize friendliness, the Lab is the best choice you could find. They are easy to maintain with the right amount of exercise every day. There is no stranger to these dogs and their happy personalities can be a buoy in tough times.

11. German Shepherd

14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

German Shepherds can seem unpredictable due to their aggression and old reputation. That’s not how they were raised, and it all comes down to their training. German Shepherds are a more serious dog bred initially by Germans to be one of the easiest dogs to breed globally. This feature makes it easier for them to adapt to your lifestyle and listen during various scenarios.

12. Dachshund

14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

A perfect small dog for an apartment is the Dachshund. As they were badger dogs, their name means Dachshund. They hunted badgers in their burrows and fished them from Germany.

Dachshunds today prefer to sleep and spend time with their friends. They don’t need to go far to get their fill of exercise for the day and are pleasantly low maintenance.

13. Border Collie

14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

The Border Collie is a friendly dog ​​that has limitless energy. They are considered working-class dogs and need a lot of space to stay active. This means they don’t do well in smaller living spaces. They can be shared with other pets if they have a yard. They are also useful for getting you out of the house and keeping study breaks regular.

14. Beagle

14 Best Dog Breeds For Medical Students (With Pictures)

Beagles are another carefree breed that has gained popularity in movies. You may need to train them to be quieter and less annoying. These dogs are smaller and friendlier than other breeds which makes them easier to handle as college students.

Although adopting a dog may seem like the simplest option for banishing loneliness during the difficult transition of college life, dogs need to be properly cared for. You should make sure that you have a designated time for grooming your dog so that you are prepared for everything he brings into your life.

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