About Us

About Dog Food Manager

Welcome to our About Us page and thank you for visiting our website!

I am a dog lover person, before starting my blog about dog food i have carefully observed my favorite one , the one and only ” jim” that my dog name .

How dogs are react when they smell a very good food that is the most adorable thing for me . When i come back to home from my duty i have never ever forgot to bring dog food everyday just to see my dog reaction .

After observing my dog reaction about food . I have decided to start a dog food blog which is obesely also a affiliated blog . Its not a bad idea to spread a love with dog lover people .

Our Mission

I want to help the people to find the best food products for your most loved dog so your dog or puppy can enjoy a healthy and happy life!

That’s why before posting anything about dog food first i research a lot about that particular food, if i find it suitable for dog than I post it on my blog to spread the awareness what is right and what is wrong about that food which I am sharing through the blog to the people.

This is my darling and lovable dog. His name is jim.

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