7 Best Dog Food For Allergies, Spayed, Elderly & Obese Dogs

Choosing the best dog food means respecting the needs of our 4-legged friend and taking into account numerous factors:

  • Age of the dog,
  • Race of the same,
  • Energy level 
  • Presence of any pathologies, etc.

Only by opting for quality food suited to his needs, Fido will be able to live a long and healthy life.

Later you can find different types of dog food, products made with high-quality raw materials, designed to satisfy both the needs (food/health) of dogs and their palate. 

Take a look at the various presentations and choose from the proposals I have carefully selected to offer you the opportunity to find the best dog food regardless of the needs of your 4-legged friend.

6 Best Dog Food For Allergies

All dog foods included in this list meet the recommended AAFCO nutrient profile guidelines for dogs. Always consult with your veterinarian before making changes to your dog’s diet.

1. ORIJEN Dog Original Recipe

ORIJEN Dog Original Recipe, 13lb, High-Protein Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, Packaging May Vary
  • ORIJEN Original dog food delivers a diet rich and varied in fresh, whole animal ingredients from free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs

Reasons to suggest

  • With a protein content of 38%, Orijen kibble is the ideal food for adult dogs that are healthy.
  • Perfect for dogs of all breeds, these kibbles contain 2/3 fresh chilled meat (and free of preservatives), raw and frozen meat.
  •  Orijen Original croquettes are also rich in other useful ingredients to guarantee Fido complete food at every meal: eggs, fish, vegetables, and legumes are some examples.
  • Made in Canada with only fresh, high-quality ingredients, Orijen Original kibble is rich in antioxidants, has a low glycemic index, is low in carbohydrates, stimulates metabolism, and enhances gastrointestinal function.
  • Complete food.
  • They are suitable for dogs of any breed.
  • They contain only carefully selected and dosed ingredients.
  • They help prevent numerous ailments.
  • They improve the gastrointestinal function and activate the metabolism.
  • They make the coat shiny.
  • Price a little higher than average.

2. ORIJEN Dog Senior Recipe

ORIJEN Dog Senior Recipe, 25lb, High-Protein Grain-Free Senior Dry Dog Food, Packaging May Vary
  • ORIJEN Senior dog food delivers a diet rich and varied in fresh, whole animal ingredients from free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs

Reasons to suggest

  • Introducing Orijen Puppy, the highest quality croquettes designed for the needs of puppies.
  • Created to ensure the correct development of puppies and able to satisfy the palate of young dogs of all breeds, these croquettes are the right choice if you want to guarantee your little furry dog’s food suitable for his current needs.
  • Rich in fine meats, fish, vegetables, and other ingredients that ensure everything he needs to grow healthy and strong, Orijen Puppy croquettes are a complete food, and the flavor they have makes every puppy find them greedy and tasty.
  • Precious meats, vegetables, fruit, and other fresh ingredients from Canada are the basis of these puppy croquettes, all products that are processed in safe laboratories in the Orijen factory.
  • Ideal for puppies of all breeds
  • Tasty
  • Rich in top quality ingredients that promote proper development
  • Rich in protein
  • Excellent fragrance
  • They also give a healthy appearance to the coat
  • They are not suitable for puppies with special needs.
  • High price.

3. Royal Canin hypoallergenic – The best food for allergic dogs

Reasons to suggest

  • As in people, allergies are also frequent in dogs and this disorder usually occurs when Fido’s immune system reacts to one or more substances present in the surrounding environment, or in the food we feed them.
  • In these cases it is advisable to focus on a type of dog food that is specific for dogs with this disorder and among the proposals that you can find on the market, Royal Canin’s Hypoallergenic Moderate Calorie croquettes are the best.
  • Also ideal for sterilized and obese dogs, these kibble for dogs have a low-calorie intake that allows you to keep weight under control, but at the same time contain all the ingredients necessary to guarantee Fido a complete daily food.
  • Made with hydrolyzed low molecular weight proteins – an aspect that makes them hypoallergenic and created with a patented method that reinforces the barrier effect of the skin, these Royal Canin signature kibbles are the ideal choice for any allergic or sterilized dog.
  • Complete food.
  • Rich in top quality ingredients.
  • Versatile: they are great for different needs
  • Also ideal for dogs suffering from dermatitis.
  • They are not suitable for healthy puppies and healthy adult dogs.
  • Vet approval required.

4. Purina Pro Plan for all sizes – The best food for sterilized dogs

Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food With Probiotics for Dogs, Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula – 35 lb. Bag
  • One (1) 35 lb. Bag – Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food With Probiotics for Dogs, Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula

Reasons to suggest

  • With an excellent content of carbohydrates, proteins, and an adequate level of fiber, this dog food is the perfect food even for obese dogs, as it allows you to control Fido’s weight easily, changing his appetite.
  • The cereals contained, the meats, the fish oil, and the numerous minerals contained in the Purina Pro Plan All Size croquettes make this food excellent for sterilized (or obese) dogs of any size.
  • Safe food, created by industry experts.
  • Ideal for keeping Fido excellent muscle mass.
  • Excellent for guaranteeing Fido always healthy joints.
  • They are not suitable for allergic puppies and dogs.

5. Acana Ranchlands – The best hunting dog food

ACANA, Regionals Meadowland Formula Dog Food, 4.5 lb
  • Made With Fresh or Raw Free-Run Poultry, Freshwater Fish and Cage-Free Eggs
  • Freeze-Dried Coated for Taste
  • Prebiotics and Fiber to Support Healthy Digestion

Reasons to suggest

  • Rich in red meats ( beef, and pork )that come from sustainable farms and are processed while still fresh, Acana Ranchlands croquettes are ideal for both hunting dogs and other types of dogs.
  • We are talking about a type of dog food rich in meat proteins and free of cereals, an aspect that makes these kibbles with a low glycemic index.
  • In addition to red meats, these croquettes are rich in vegetables, fruit, fish, and other ingredients that contain numerous minerals and vitamins, so every dog ​​that takes this food will always have a healthy appearance, with a coat that is always shiny and full of vitality.
  • The high concentration of red meat was a choice that allows you to perfectly reproduce the natural diet of the dog (or rather of the wolf), while the absence of corn and other cereals makes these croquettes hypoglycemic, so it is a perfect food to prevent common diseases in dogs such as diabetes and obesity.
  • Not only that, the special formula of these croquettes is rich in Omega 3 and this means that Fido can always count on excellent health, perfect skin, and a very shiny coat.
  • They contain herbs and natural ingredients that improve metabolism.
  • They tone the digestive system.
  • They prevent common diseases that can affect dogs.
  • They have a natural meat flavor that dogs love.
  • They have a low glycemic index
  • The price is higher than the average.

6. Acana light & fit – The best food for obese dogs

Acana Grain Free Adult Dog Food, Light & Fit to support Healthy Weight, 25lb
  • Supports Healthy Body Weight: No added grains, gluten, potato, and tapioca ingredients, making it a nourishing food for dogs of all ages and sizes

Reasons to suggest

  • Certain breeds of dogs, as well as neutered ones, are predisposed to obesity and consequently, those at risk can develop numerous diseases related to excessive weight.
  • Consequently, to prevent Fido from experiencing ailments that in some cases are fatal, it is essential to be able to control his appetite and his weight.
  • Acana Light & Fit was created to meet the needs of obese dogs or those who must keep their weight under control.
  • With a high content of chicken meat (60%), and rich in fish, eggs, fruit, and vegetables, this dog food is the best solution you can find on the market if you are looking for an obese dog food that promotes weight loss without making the dog suffer during the diet.
  • The special formula used to make these croquettes does not involve the use of harmful preservatives, it is based only on the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients, and guarantees Fido all the beneficial substances it needs to keep fit on a daily basis.
  • Prepared in Canada by nutritionists and veterinarians, Acana Light & Fit croquettes have been made in such a way as to promote always lean muscles and the low caloric intake allows any dog ​​to be able to count on an always sculpted physique.
  • Best quality.
  • Ideal for lean muscle development.
  • Excellent for dogs with grain intolerances.
  • Not suitable for dogs that need to gain weight.

The factors to consider before buying a dog food

Finding the best dog food can seem like a daunting task as, as you may have noticed, it is not possible to have a single solution.

Medical needs, breed and age are the main factors that affect the nutritional needs of each dog, which is why it is essential to evaluate every aspect before buying food for Fido.

Not only that, over time it may be necessary to change the dog’s diet as any health problems that may occur sometimes require a diet different from the current one.

Not only that, but it may also happen that Fido no longer likes the dog food he has always eaten.

Generally, it is not a health problem, but if, in addition to no longer liking the food you feed him, you notice any symptoms that could indicate that Fido is experiencing a disorder, it is advisable to accompany him to the vet.

It will be the latter to advise you on what type of dog food it is best to opt for during a possible treatment or following the therapy it carries out and if there are health problems.

Also, keep in mind that certain breeds have special needs since dogs are puppies.

For example, the Labrador Retriever is a dog predisposed to putting on weight easily, and your vet will most likely suggest that you feed him kibble that has a low-calorie intake but at the same time has great satiating power.

This way Fido will feel full and happy without gaining weight.

Another breed that we can mention is the German Shepherd. This breed is known to have the need to eat very digestible dog food as these furry dogs often have digestive difficulties.

Not only that, we are talking about a breed that frequently faces joint problems, so even in this case, a specific food could be the ideal solution to guarantee a long and healthy life.

Why do some breeds have special needs while others don’t?

Let’s start by pointing out that all dog breeds are descended from the wolf. However, while some breeds have developed naturally others have been selected and very specific crosses have been created.

The breeding farms were therefore born, where even very different breeds are still crossed today. Generally, crossings are made based on certain criteria:

  • Physical characteristics
  • Character
  • Adaptability, etc.

By creating these crosses, man has ensured that new breeds were born, with particular needs that mainly concern nutrition.

Let’s think, for example, of very small dogs. In these cases, not only must we pay attention to any dietary needs, but also to the size of the croquettes, avoiding those that are too large and the quantity to be administered.

The age of the dog is another factor that should not be forgotten before choosing the kibble

Neither should the needs of dogs based on their age be underestimated.

In the absence of health problems and special needs due to the breed, we can focus on more generic solutions, but always taking into account the age of the dog.

Generally, generic kibble is divided into 3 categories:

  • Puppy: suitable for puppies.
  • Adult: ideal for dogs that have reached adulthood.
  • Senior: dry food for older dogs.

Each type of dog food mentioned above has very specific characteristics.

During the growth phase, puppies need certain substances that promote development correctly, while when they reach adulthood, dogs must be able to count on a complete food, rich in substances (more proteins) that make them live in a way. lively and healthy. 

Finally, when they start to get old they need foods that prevent diseases typical of the period of old age and substances that can help them keep fit even in the presence of some ailment.

It is therefore essential to be able to guarantee Fido the right food at every stage of his life, as in this way we can also help him prevent numerous very common ailments in dogs, especially when they reach adulthood:

  • Diabetes
  • Dermatitis
  • Kidney failure
  • Joint ailments
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal system
  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • Cardio-vascular diseases, etc.

Finally, do not forget to always follow the veterinarian’s instructions also as regards the portions of food to be administered daily, avoiding providing Fido with excessive amounts of food.

Furthermore, if you notice repeated intestinal disorders it is preferable to stop feeding the dog food you are giving him as he may be allergic to one or more ingredients and develop indigestion that can last over time.

You can overcome most intestinal problems, it is very important to always choose high-quality dog ​​food, which is made only with fresh products, prepared and dosed by expert medical personnel, such as Orijen Adult croquettes, perfect for dogs that do not have special needs.

Lightweight, complete, and free of preservatives (which can cause intestinal upset), these kibbles are the best food for dogs that have reached adulthood.

Already after one year of life, you can give Fido the croquettes respecting the recommended doses on the package.

Thanks to their special formula, your 4-legged friend will always be fit, energetic, happy, and will always have perfect skin and coat.

Having said that, all I can do is thank you for your attention, and wish you a wonderful life with your best friend.


A hug.


Is Sweet Potato Good for dogs with allergies?

We can feed fruits or vegetables, sweet potatoes some time but make sure don’t make it a habit & Any food or vegetable even if it’s nutritious should be fed to the dog in a small amount so we can avoid any allergic response

What is the best food for itchy dogs?

If you want to make your dog healthy and fit try to feed them Omega-3s.Omega-3s are the best way to go.

Is duck good for dogs with allergies?

Yes, we can feed duck to our dog . Duck is rich in iron & its easy to the digest protein source

What is better for dogs salmon or duck?

salmon is also a great source of protein. Salmon provides a relatively modest amount of protein but salmon meat has more fat compare to duck meat

What meat is healthiest for dogs?

Chicken, turkey, lean ground beef, and chuck steak or roast meat are the healthiest for dogs

Is Tuna good for dogs?

Tune is also a good source of protein. You can feed your dog but in a small amount. there is no harm to feed tuna to your dog but always make sure whatever healthy food you are feeding to your dog should be in a small quantity.

Is an egg good for a dog?

Yes, Eggs are 100% safe for dogs. There is no harm to feed an egg to your dog . They are high in protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and fatty acids that help support your dog inside and out.

Is chicken or beef better for dogs with allergies?

Both are healthy food for dogs and a great source of protein but make sure your dog should not be allergic to chicken or beef food otherwise it might harm your dog health

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