Can Dog Eat raw meat

Can Dog Eat raw meat? Yes, they Can eat. Dogs are omnivorous and consequently have no problem eating meat.

What All the details do you need to know?

If you have a four-legged friend, you usually have two options when it comes to dieting: either feed him packaged dog food or have him follow a diet at home.

If you chose the second option, it is important to know which raw materials are allowed and in what quantities they must be included in a healthy and balanced diet, which allows Fido to grow healthy and strong, and to stay healthy for as long as possible.

Raw meat for dogs is bad for the dog or is it possible to give it to him without the consequences of digestive or gastrointestinal problems? If we are at the first experience, the opinion of the veterinarian is of fundamental importance: no do-it-yourself or hearsay.

What Meat is good for dogs, raw or cooked ?

Can Dog Eat raw meat
Can Dog Eat raw meat

Before domestication, dogs fed on what they found in nature. It is important to remember, before addressing this discussion, that the dog is a direct descendant of the wolf and as such eats any animal present in nature and below its position in the food chain.

It would therefore not be strange to see your dog eating whatever it deems edible. However, there is a dichotomy of thought. 

There are those who claim that giving raw meat to dogs is good for you because it keeps intact all the nutritional characteristics our four-legged friend needs; on the other hand, there is a school of thought that states that uncooked meat can cause ehrlichiosis and salmonellosis, potentially fatal diseases.

However, to avoid having to deal with these diseases, it is possible to put the meat in the blast chiller and defrost it just a few hours before feeding it to the dog or you can cook it for a few minutes, just long enough to burn it. In any case, cooking methods must be simple and free of seasonings and spices, which are harmful to the dog’s sensitive stomach.

Which Meat is the best for Your dog?

There are no serious reasons that support the theory that raw meat is bad for our little furball, quite the contrary. The dog’s body, as already mentioned, is similar to that of the wolf and consequently has:

  • A strong set of teeth that can easily break, bite and tear the flesh;
  • A small stomach but at the same time muscular enough to be able to digest the heaviness from the flesh;
  • An intestine short enough to be able to digest it before it decays;
  • Saliva and gastric juices have the peculiarities of being able to assimilate meat proteins very easily.

Established with absolute certainty that dogs can eat Kurdish meat, it is essential to ask yourself the quantity that can be administered and the frequency with which it must be included in the weekly food plan.

How much raw meat can I give the dog ?

Can Dog Eat raw meat
Can Dog Eat raw meat

The diet of our four-legged friend must follow several variables that basically take into account the passage of time. Obviously, the quantity also changes based on several factors such as:

  • The quality;
  • The type of meat;
  • The age of the dog;
  • The race to which it belongs;
  • Its size;
  • Any accompanying pathologies.

Importantly, meat doesn’t have to be the only food in a dog’s diet. Four-legged friends, being omnivores, need other foods that are good for dogs such as vegetables, fruit, and carbohydrates. 

The important thing is to categorically avoid prohibited foods for dogs. So, no salt and other spices, seasonings, onions, sugar, and any other foods that burden the meal.

Proteins of animal origin are very important, but we must not exceed the quantities. As mentioned, our four-legged friend has a very small stomach that promotes digestion, so it is preferable to give the dog small portions divided into two or three meals throughout the day, which must necessarily be accompanied by other foods. This is to meet their daily needs.

What kind of meat can I give to the dog?

We assume that it is okay to feed any type of meat. However, for small dogs, it is preferable to give chicken, rabbit, or turkey meat. The specimens with a larger tonnage, on the other hand, can safely eat even slightly fatter meat such as that of sheep, goat, or bovine.

This can be given in small pieces especially if it is a small dog. Also, remember that the dog’s physical conformation is suitable for chewing and digesting meat. Ultimately it is not true that raw meat is forbidden to dogs, but only if it is in a position to be eaten without running the risk of diseases that can compromise Fido’s health.

It is also good to remember that it is absolutely not recommended to give the dog chicken bones because it could irreparably compromise his health. Finally, it should be noted that the legend that tells that dogs who eat raw meat become aggressive is totally wrong and is a prejudice without foundation.

What is Barf diet and the role of meat ?

Can Dog Eat raw meat
Can Dog Eat raw meat

Regarding the barf diet, some think that it was the diet to which our four-legged friends would have been destined if they had not been domesticated; others think that dry food is the best solution

If you don’t know what is barf diet (This article might help you Barf Diet For Dogs -Best 6 Recipes, Advantage & Disadvantage )

A raw food diet includes uncooked meat (often organs and muscles), whole or mashed bones, fruits, vegetables, raw eggs, and some milk-based products (although you must be careful of any allergies because lactose is among the prohibited foods ).

The benefits of raw meat for dogs

Before deciding what to feed our four-legged friend, let’s talk to the nutritionist and figure out what’s best for Fido’s health. Although there are conflicting voices, below we list the pros of a raw food diet:

  • Shinier and shinier coat ;
  • Healthier skin;
  • Cleaner teeth ;
  • More energy;
  • Smaller stools .

The opinion of the specialist is important because only he can make a complete evaluation, analyzing the clinical history and the characteristics of our little furball.

What is the risks of Raw or undercooked Meat ?

Totally opposed to the bar diet is the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). In fact, citing a series of researches, it discourages the intake of raw or undercooked animal proteins because they can contain potentially lethal pathogens.

 Other possible drawbacks include bacteria in raw meat; whole bones and the risk of suffocation; dog tooth fractures or internal injuries; the transition from dry to raw food.

The latter in fact must be done through a slow process. If we then notice that Fido is not feeling well, we slow down even more, and we reduce the doses. Furthermore, raw food diets are only safe for dogs three months of age or older. Here is a possible program:

  • First day: only water, no food ;
  • Second day: a quarter of a raw diet and three quarters of a regular diet;
  • Third day: 50% raw diet and 50% regular food ;
  • Fourth day: three quarters of barf feeding and a quarter of the standard one;
  • Fifth day: raw food diet only .

We divide the daily dose into two meals a day: one in the morning and one in the evening. In this way, we will reduce the possibility of incurring gastrointestinal discomfort and discomfort.

Raw meat recipe, an example

Can Dog Eat raw meat
Can Dog Eat raw meat

The nutritional balance varies according to the breed and size of our beloved Fido. The diet with raw meat for dogs must also take this aspect into account. Let’s see the ingredients for a healthy and genuine meal:

  • Just over a kilo of excellent quality minced meat;
  • A pound of chicken livers;
  • A chopped carrot;
  • A small apple;
  • Half a kilo of spinach;
  • Two whole eggs;
  • A jar of plain yogurt;
  • A tablespoon of ground flaxseed
  • One of olive oil.

Once you have found the ingredients, just put the carrot, apple, and spinach in the food processor and chop finely; add the other ingredients except for the meat and mix everything well; transfer the mixture to a large bowl and add the meat.

We form meatballs the size of the palm of a hand and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Let’s cook them at 180 degrees until completely cooked. This is also an excellent solution to freeze and take out when needed: better if the night before than when the meatballs are expected to be cooked.

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