3 Best Tips to Recognize : Dog Food Made with Lower Quality Meat


3 Best Tips to Recognize : Dog Food Made with Lower Quality Meat
3 Best Tips to Recognize : Dog Food Made with Lower Quality Meat

What is the most important ingredient many dog lovers want to see first for their dog?

Meat …obesely 

The reason behind that meat is a high source of Protein & Dog loves meat, so that they can get their nutrition value for Protine from it.

Protein can also be obtained from the plant can also obtain protein the plant. Still, Meat protein contains all that ten essential amino acids, which are important for a dog to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

No, come to the main point,

Is that meat which is using by dog food company is really digestable or having any nutrient value?

The answer is a Big No. Don’t shock, but this is the reality.

3 Best Tips to Recognize : Dog Food Made with Lower Quality Meat

The fancy Language
of Ingredient Lists

Any big food brand knows very well how to show the food label and what Language to be used on the label that will attract the crowd to buy the product. 

Dog food labels can be difficult to understand. That is why ingredients are always Printed with fancy names — names that can hide the reality of the meat itself.

You have observed so many times while you are reading the dog food label some fancy names you always see, like meat meal, animal digest, and poultry by-products.

Not all meat ingredients are low nutrient value for your dog, but still, it is questionable.

We have listed some basic and easy tips on recognizing dog foods labeled with this fancy Language for meat ingredients.

Tip #1: Made with Meat By-Products (Less Value)

Let’s have a look, what is big dog food brand like Purina think to add Made with Meat By-Products to the dog food product .

Meat by-products are… non-rendered “parts”, other than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals. It includes, but is not limited to lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, blood, bone, fatty tissue and stomachs and intestines freed of their contents. This is a cheap way for pet food companies to keep the protein levels “high” (although not high quality) while keeping food production costs low. [1]petmd.com

In simple Language

Meat by-products are commonly known as slaughterhouse waste. They’ve just left meat items from slaughter.

So, besides hair, horns, teeth, and hooves, Meat by-products can include almost any animal part.[2]sciencedirect.com

Anyway, there is no doubt that animal by-products can provide nutritional value.

Indirectly, by-products are just cheaper versions of animal meat . So, you have to be make sure that you are not paying over value for any dog food product.

Tip #2: Generic Meat Ingredients (Less Value)

I am sure people hardly know What is Generic Meat Ingredients?

Generic Meat Ingredients are commonly those Meat Ingredients that are part of the animal meal but do not identify the source animal.

So instead of listing a animal namlike chicken ,duck , beef they will listed a label like :-

  • Animal
  • Meat
  • Poultry

Why ?

Because they don’t know which animal they are adding or which animal meat is adding, they come up with the idea of listing with these fancy names instead of listing the animal name.

Tell me one thing ..

Will you be able to recognize the fact why they labeled like that with Animal meat, Poultry meat & the answer is Big No.

If they have mentioned any particular animal name like chicken meat, or duck meat, it means the meat comes from chicken or duck, but if they have not mentioned any particular animal name, it means it’s a generic “meat meal” that can be legally made from

  • Road kill
  • Euthanized cats and dogs
  • Dying, diseased or disabled farm animals
  • Dead zoo animals

Tip #3:
Prefer Dog Foods with Quality Meat
Near the Top of the List

Many dog ​​food companies do not disclose the exact meat content present in the product. One way to get a good idea of ​​the amount of meat present is to pay attention to the position in the ingredient list.[3]petyoo.it

Dog food companies must follow the same ingredient listing rules that human food manufacturers do:

All ingredients must be listed in descending order according to their weight prior to processing.


If you are looking for better value when buying dog food, follow these 3 tips:

  1. Prefer foods that do not contain meat by-products
  2. Avoid foods made with generic animal proteins.
  3. Prefer foods containing high quality meat listed at the top of the ingredients list

If you are faced with dog food that violates one of these three rules, move on and look for a better product.

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