How to choose the food bowl for my dog

When we are about to get or adopt a dog, one of the first things we have to buy is his food bowl. It is something that you will use every day and, therefore, it is essential that it is resistant, easy to clean, and, above all, suitable for the blonde.

Many times we buy the one we like, without considering the needs of the dog. Therefore, we are going to explain how to choose the food bowl for my dog.

The best feeders for dogs

How to choose the food bowl for my dog

1. Stainless steel feeders

PEGGY11 Deep Stainless Steel Anti-Slip Dog Bowls, Set of 2, Each Holds Up to 3 Cups
Quality & Safety: the dog bowls are made of high-quality stainless steel with a high-end polished finish that makes them sturdier, more durable, and have better stain- and rust-resistant performance.

They are the most recommended. They have enough weight so that the fur can’t cancel it (if it’s a big animal we can always buy one with the edge covered with a rubber band), they’re easy to clean, and if they’re of good quality, they are also anti-corrosive.

2. Elevated

As its name suggests, it is a series of feeders that do not touch the ground like the basic ones we know. They usually have some kind of support and we will put one or two bowls on it where you can put food or water. 

There are many models you can find, with lighter supports or wider and more resistant. They will be of medium height, as a general rule, so large dogs are recommended.

 It will be much more comfortable and they will adopt a better posture while eating. They are all advantages!

3. Antivoracity

Gorilla Grip Slip Resistant Slow Feeder Cat and Dog Bowl, Slows Down Pets Eating, Prevent Overeating, Feed Small, Large Puppy, Fun Puzzle Design, Dogs Pet Bowls for Dry and Wet Food, 2 Cups, Gray
Designed to Slow Down Eating: the unique maze design inside the bowl effectively works to slow down the rate at which pets consumes their food, without discouraging them from eating

It usually occurs, especially in cups, which makes a vivid hunger at mealtime. So if we give them a basic bowl, they will definitely eat more than necessary and that is not what we want.

 The Antivoracity feeders are perfect for your blonde to relax, eat longer and digest better. It is an idea that usually has a kind of labyrinth or a game that hides food a little, precisely so that our pets will have patience.

4. Of wood

Another of the most natural and popular options is the wooden dog bowl. You can even make them yourself at home with some boards or pallets. 

Although if you decide to buy them, you will definitely get the double feeder option which is one of our favorites. 

The support is made of wood and the bowls or plates are made of stainless steel or ceramic.

5. Small ones

Canple Dog Bowl Stainless Steel Dog Bowls Food Water Pet Feeder with No Spill Non-Skid
  • ✔️ 🐶DOUBLE PET BOWLS: Set of 2 dog Bowls, 7 oz (200ml) each, provides a full dinner set one for food one for water, designed for New-born dogs, puppy and Small sized dogs and cats, suitable for pets up to 15lbs.

It is true that, in addition to their finishes or materials, size is one of the characteristics of dog feeders. Therefore, when our pets are puppies, it is always better to choose the smallest models in terms of size. So we can rationalize food much better, of course, we will also find the most special models in them.

6. Automatic Feeders

VOLUAS Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs, Dry Food Dispenser with Desiccant Bag, Timed Cat Feeder, Programmable Portion Size Control 4 Meals Per Day, 10s Voice Recorder
  • Easy Programmable Feeding Times: Reliably feed your beloved pet at your convenience any time during the day or night. Set between 1-4 meals with 0-40 portion choices to automatically dispense food to give a personal customized diet for your pet.

As its name suggests, automatic feeders have a button that will give our dogs the exact right amount when pressed. Not to forget that they also usually have a timer.

 It has the advantage that they will not exceed their food intake in this way, avoiding unwanted binges. In addition, the food is also protected and that makes it keep better and longer.

7. Ceramic feeders

Leashboss Extra Large Ceramic Dog Food Bowl with Non-Slip Silicone Base
  • Large Ceramic Dog Bowl: Our ceramic dog bowls were designed for large dogs but also work great for small dogs, puppies, or even as a cat water bowl. Dog dish can hold 10 cups of dry food, wet food, kibble or up to 80oz of water.

Ceramic feeders are perfectly fine, but fragile. If they fall off, they break easily. They are only recommended for small dogs, such as the Yorkshire Terrier, the Mallorcan Pomeranian, and the Maltese Bichon.

8. Plastic feeders

Kitty City Raised Cat Food Bowl Collection_Stress Free Pet Feeder and Waterer
  • Includes 1 white and 1 gray dishes – Each holds 6.5 ounces

Plastic feeders are very tough. In addition, they do not break easily and are easily cleaned. But they have two disadvantages: one of them is that they can cause allergies in the dog, and the other is that because there is such a small weight, it is not advisable for medium or large ones.

9. Hopper

Little Giant Galvanized Steel Chow Hound Dog Feeder, 25Lb
  • Quality and performance driven products for your pet

It is one of the most popular types of dog food. Because it’s not really the basic elements that allow your food to be out in the open, quite the opposite. 

He will always be protected and that means all his great properties are protected. By not being in contact with the air, it will be preserved much better, no doubt about that. 

They are also a type of dispenser so that your hair always has the right dose at the time you need it.

Choosing the Best Dog Bowl for Your Dog

Now that we have seen the different types of dog food bowls out there, we can get an idea of ​​which one we should choose. However, there are some things that we must take into account before buying them, namely:

  • Dog’s ears: if it has very long ears, we will have to choose feeders that are high and narrow so that the animal will not have problems eating.
  • Personality: we will have to buy feeders with a raised edge for a nervous dog; On the other hand, if it is relatively quiet, we can provide you with the lower edge.
  • Bowl size: a small dog needs a small feeder, while a large one needs a bigger bowl.

However, now we can choose the food bowl for our dog. If you have a doubt that hasn’t been resolved, don’t hesitate to contact us

Does the Dog food feeder always have to have food in it?

Like everything, it has its advantages but also its disadvantages. The truth is, as a general rule, it is common for us to always leave food in the feeder. Why? Because of this way we are gay and our pets can eat when they want.

But if we are talking about a puppy or an animal with certain health problems, then we should not leave that food all day. Since then, they can binge with their indigestion problems and also, the extra weight. 

All this has a negative impact on your health, as we well know. Therefore, the so-called ‘free feeding’ is not always recommended. . Since the animal will not be as controlled as we are giving it its daily portions.

How much should I feed my dog?

Before we go on to talk about quantity itself, we have to think about what our dog looks like. Small ones will need smaller amounts than large breeds. In the same way, we must value physical exercise every day, because the greater the expenditure, the greater the demand for food, as a general rule, although we know that this is not the case sometimes. For this reason, we always talk about basic terms or ranges:

  • A small breed of dog weighing three kilograms will need between 60 and 85 grams per day.
  • Small breeds between four and 10 kilograms can be fed about 100-180 grams of feed each day.
  • If your pet weighs between ten and twenty kilograms, then the amount can reach up to 300 grams.
  • Whereas if you exceed 30 kilograms, your ratio will definitely be closer to 550 grams, and that too every day.

This can be derived based on other factors. Therefore, it is not surprising that we find a measuring cup in some of the lives we buy. Be that as it may, you should always consult your trusted vet.

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