How Much Food to Feed My Dog

How Much Food to Feed My Dog, is a very common problem, and it becomes more difficult when you have adopted a new dog or puppy.

The dog is an animal that needs regularity in its meals. He appreciates these pleasant moments, he likes to eat the same thing systematically and at relatively fixed times. 

If you are curious to know about dog feeding complete guidelines then you must read this fantastic blog.

Dogs need calm and a balanced, quality diet for good digestion. Be sure to respect his needs and never make him practice physical activity near a meal to avoid the phenomenon of stomach twisting. Here we have given complete guidance with a simple chart.

How Much Food to Feed My Dog
How Much Food to Feed My Dog?

When, where, and How Much Food to Feed My Dog?

Discover all the answers to your questions in this complete file. First, you need to understand the charts.

When to feed your dog ?

While the puppy needs three meals a day, the adult dog only needs two or even one. It is not obligatory to offer two daily meals to your dog, but it allows you to divide his daily ration into two intakes, in order to facilitate his digestion.

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How Much Food to Feed My Dog
How Much Food to Feed My Dog

Do you know age does really matter when you are feeding your dog and if you are feeding your dog often as per age then that will make your life easy?

A proper amount of dog food per day will make your dog or puppy healthy. and If your feed your dog Too much food that will result in bowel issues and can cause obesity.

What are Dog Feeding Charts ?

You can understand about dog food diet with the help of a chart. As age plays a very important role in dogs. We have created a very simple chart about How Much Food to Feed My Dog.

How Much Food to Feed My Dog
How Much Food to Feed My Dog.

How to feed your dog ?

The meal is a pleasant moment and conducive to the education of the dog. Your pet should see this moment as an event of sharing and not as a moment when you deprive him. You can ask your pet to wait patiently while you prepare his meal, to sit in front of the bowl until you drop it off, as a reward.

Make sure to feed him in a clean bowl and in the right quantity. If he does not eat his meal right away, remove the bowl to prevent the food from oxidizing in contact with the air and allowing bacteria to grow in it.

What food to give him ?

It’s a very confusing question about what food you would prefer to feed your dog.No no need to confuse more. There are 2 simple methods we should think about without using our brain.

Junk food

The junk food is ideal to bring him balanced meals and well suited to its needs – provided you give him quality food. Choose kibbles that match his profile and his health and do not change if they suit him. The dog appreciates regularity, no need to vary his menus.

Homemade food

The homemade food is good for health, provided he make daily meals perfectly balanced to meet all of their nutritional needs. A healthy adult dog needs 35% meat, 25% vegetables, 30% grains, and 10% nutrients. The growing puppy, on the other hand, needs 50% meat, 25% rice, 10% vegetables, and 10% essential nutrients.

Dietary precautions

  • Do not feed your dog any leftover meals or fat because it is not a balanced food and it will tend to put on weight.
  • The meat must be cooked. Raw, it can indeed contain bacteria.
  • Never give your dog chocolate , as it is poisonous or even fatal to him.
  • Watch out for the bones! These can injure his mouth and puncture his organs.

Tips : What To do After Feeding Your Dog ?

  • After the meal, it is imperative not to let your animal practice strenuous activity. He should not play, jump or run for two to three hours after eating. 
  • Wait at least 30 minutes to take a walk on a leash or a short walk. This precaution is essential and must be strictly observed, otherwise, your dog risks dilation-torsion of his stomach.
  • The treats are an exception. We recommend that you give him a small treat, such as a cookie, as a reward to encourage his good deeds and obedience as part of his education.
  • On the other hand, when you are away, you can give him a bone to chew on or a treat dispenser toy to occupy him after you leave and avoid the feeling of loneliness he feels as soon as you disappear.
  • The meal is a real ritual for the dog; it is an animal of habit which needs these pleasant moments at fixed times in its day. If the distribution of meals is advised, it is above all essential to respect the needs of your animal. 
  • Some dogs, more fearful, like absolute regularity and meals at fixed times; others, more daring, are not hampered by the change. Two meals, one in the morning and the other in the evening, are usually the best way to balance your day and ensure good digestion.

What foods should I avoid feeding my dog ?

How Much Food to Feed My Dog
The 7 Worst Foods to Feed Your Dog.

Do you know Some food items that humans can eat or digest easily that might be very dangerous for your dog if you feed them?

Want to know about all those food so we have given some basic food item list that human use them in their daily routine but that would not be given to our dog

  1. Chocolate
  2. Grapes and Raisins
  3. Onions and Garlic
  4. Bacon, Ham and Fat Trimmings
  5.  Salty Snacks
  6. Avocado
  7. Alcoholic Beverages

If you are curious why these food items are dangerous. You might be wondering why and how then you should read The 7 Worst Foods to Feed Your Dog .blog with proper information.

Where to feed your dog?

To eat in peace and serenity, the dog appreciates quiet places, far from the bustle and noise. Some adventurous animals will not be disturbed, but the more timid and fearful may refuse to eat in a noisy and insecure atmosphere. Respect your pet’s needs.

Tips and Precautions

  • Respect your pet’s comfort and feeding needs.
  • No physical activity for two to three hours after eating.
  • Always leave a bowl of clean, fresh water available for your dog.
  • Remember to wash your bowls well once a day to avoid the development of bacteria.
  • Avoid sources of stress and strain, such as gambling, while eating. It is best if your dog is focused on his diet, otherwise he may suffer from poor digestion or even stomach twisting.


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