8 reasons why dogs steal and chew laundry in the family

Why Dogs Steal And Chew Laundry | Why Dogs Steal Laundry | Why Dogs Chew Laundry

We have seen Many complain that their dogs steal their underwear and chew it. We explain why they do it: here are

8 reasons why your dog steals and chews your underwear

We have given all the 8 possible reasons why your dog why dogs steal and chew laundry in the family & I hope it will help you to understand the reason.

8 reasons why dogs steal and chew laundry in the family
8 reasons why dogs steal and chew laundry in the family

1. Dogs are constantly looking for information about you

As you well know, dogs have a sense of smell 10,000 times higher than that of humans. They use it to communicate but also to get information about the world around them. When they immerse themselves in your underwear, they are looking for information about you.

2. An object that has your intimate smell on it is an object of value to them

Since every smell to dogs is a message and the smell of your skin is very familiar to them, sniffing and chewing your underwear makes them feel safe and secure.

3. Strong smells attract dogs

If you have a puppy, you know what a fatal attraction it has toward other animals’ droppings and urine. For them, I am like a magnet. Given the area that covers your linen, it’s understandable why dogs are so drawn to sniffing and taming it.

4. Because they want to protect you

In nature, wolves or other animals eat babies’ placenta, their droppings, or anything that smells like their cubs and do so to protect them. Leaving traces around can be dangerous for them and their children. Your dog has the same instincts. To him, you are something precious that he wants to protect and by eating your underwear or socks they think they are doing you a favor and keeping dangers out of you.

5. To impregnate your own smell

This is another instinct inherited from the time when dogs were wild animals. Sometimes to keep other predators away, Mom leaves the scent on the tracks left by her children. This way the predators will know that there is an adult and will stay away. Dogs soak in your laundry and rub against your loaves to cover them with their scent and save you from a possible predator.

6. He wants to have your scent on him

Conversely, there are dogs who often steal their owner’s underwear because they want to have his smell on them. Your dog admires you, you are a kind of divinity to him and he wants to smell you.

7. He misses you

These are animals that often remain alone at home and who miss their human father or mother and, in doing so, try to meet their need.

8. Feel when you are in “that time” of the month

Some dog owners (women) have noticed that their dog only stole their underwear at certain times which always coincided with their menstruation. Dogs are carnivores and are attracted to the smell of blood. That’s why, at that time of the month, they always try to steal and chew on your underwear, even if it’s just been washed. Do not forget that soap and water do not hide an odor from the sense of smell of dogs!

If your dog is always stealing your underwear, you don’t have to worry but be careful if he swallows it … in those cases, you need to contact your vet because the tissues can block his intestinal tract.

How do stop dogs from stealing & swallowing laundry?

8 reasons why dogs steal and chew laundry in the family
How do stop dogs from stealing  laundry?
  • Many of you must have been victims of these clothing thefts … maybe intimate, just while you have some important guests for dinner!
  • Sure it’s absolutely funny, but not if the dog is dragging your laundry around and is so happy that it seems to scream “Dobby is a free Elf!”. [CIt. from the Harry Potter saga]
  • The first thing to do is not to yell at him and not to chase him, the dog may have stolen the object to attract attention, and starting a chase will only trigger the “game”. And then you will find yourself chasing your dog who absolutely will not want to leave his treasure of him.
  • But you will have to try to bribe your four-legged friend, how? Simple take one of his toys and start playing with him attracting his attention, in this way the dog will be distracted and you can retrieve the garment. If that doesn’t work, try bribing it with kibble.
  • However, the best solution is prevention, that is, do not leave your clothes or things in general where the dog can get them, close them somewhere.
  • Then buy toys made specifically for dogs, because puppies who are getting their teeth need to bite something, and this also applies to young dogs who are still exploring the world with their mouth.
  • Don’t always provide all of his toys, he may soon get bored with them, but give them to him in rotation so he will always be enthusiastic about the “new” toys.
  • And above all, dedicate some time to themplay with them, and even take a simple walk to give them mental and physical stimuli.

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