5 Best Reasons Why Dogs Steal socks

Why Dogs Steal socks ? if you are fed up with your dog and why he stealing the socks and looking for an answer then you have reached the right article.

Yes, dogs seem to get attached to everything and even a dirty sock is a delicacy for them. Disgusting as it may seem, this behavior is quite natural.

 But how to explain it to us? Stop railing at your puppy and find out why dogs steal socks.

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In general, socks have no flavor and are certainly not part of the diet of animals. But then, where does the interest in this garment come from? 

Put yourself in your dog’s shoes, then you will understand the reason.

5 Best Reasons Why Dogs Steal socks

 5 Best Reasons Why Dogs Steal socks
5 Best Reasons Why Dogs Steal socks

After searching the hundreds of websites we have found the 5 best reasons why dogs steal socks and I hope these will help you to understand your dogs.

1. It’s nice

It is certainly not the hunger that pushes the dog to steal the socks and then chew them!

For puppies, chewing comes naturally during the tooth growth process. For adult dogs, on the other hand, biting socks releases a sense of pleasure and release from tension, similar to what humans feel when they chew gum.

Chewing socks is up to the dog as chewing gum is up to us humans

2. Your dog is bored

If what your dog experiences all day is just an expanse of socks, then yes, your dog will not only be tempted to bite into them but he will for sure. A bored dog is a serious danger to your laundry!

When chewing on socks turns into a process of destroying the garment, be careful. Your dog is trying to send you a message and it goes something like this: “Take me out!”

If boredom is the problem, it lessens with regular exercise

Always make sure your dog gets enough exercise. It goes without saying to remember to give him the right attention and always accompany him to the toys he likes best.

As you take it out more regularly, keep the sock destruction phenomenon under control.

Exercise is important to both you and your dog. If you are not sure if your four-legged friend is getting enough movement, try a GPS tracker for dogs with Activity Tracking.

3. It is a sign that he loves you

If we like clean linen, that doesn’t mean your dog should have the same thought. Don’t judge him! In fact, it has been proven that your dog tries to keep clothes that keep your smell close to him.

How do you know if your dog loves you? Count the holes in your socks!

This is why dogs steal socks, but that’s not all! Any garment that retains your scent could be the target. The dog that steals clothes, brings them to him, and chews them, may want to give a clear sign of love for his owner.

4. Keep order… if you want to save your socks!

If your room is untidy and linen or any other clothing that smells like you is in the path of your dog… it’s your fault if it ends up with a hole! Remember that it is difficult for the dog to understand that what is on the ground is not his property.

Therefore, don’t leave your socks all over the place! If you start to be neater, you will give your dog a precise signal.

5. Separation anxiety

Dogs are pack animals, and when you leave, they miss you terribly. Like humans, dogs suffer from separation anxiety. The dog that searches for the smell of the absent owner is a typical attitude of the dog who suffers from the lack of him.

Socks that smell like you replace you in your absence

This by no means means that when you leave, you just need to leave some socks around the house to prevent your dog from feeling lonely.

 On the contrary, remember that dogs need to feel included and have lots of company. 

When you get home then, party your dog, take him for a walk, and show him how much affection you are capable of!

How do get dog to stop stealing socks?

Dogs often exhibit some very strange behaviors, such as eating clothes.

It might seem strange, but some furry ones don’t just nibble on them but also ingest the bits of clothing.

 Usually, this habit starts because our four-legged friend loves the taste of our socks or clothes.

However, the reasons for this behavior can also be other such as a nutritional deficiency or a state of anxiety.

In fact, anxious or bored dogs can have a compulsive disorder where they eat everything including clothes. This disorder is known as pica in dogs.

It is very important to avoid having your furry friend ingest the clothes as they can cause serious health problems in the dog, such as an intestinal blockage.

For this reason, it is recommended to take precautions, such as:

  • Store dirty clothes in a closed laundry basket;
  • Place clothes on shelves out of reach of the dog or in a locked room;
  • Offer the puppy a chew toy.

While taking precautions to prevent your dog from eating clothes can be quite helpful, it is very important to teach your dog not to eat clothes. This is because in our absence our furry friend will invent them all to achieve his intent.

How to teach your dog not to steal socks?

As with any type of training, we will use positive reinforcement to teach the dog not to steal socks. So equip yourself with candy, a toy, and a lot of patience.

 5 Best Reasons Why Dogs Steal socks

When your dog takes the socks in his mouth, approach him holding some treats in one hand closed. Have the dog sniff the latter and when your furry friend drops the dress from his mouth, say ” let go ” and give him a treat.

In this way, Fido associates the word with the prize. Then remove the hand with the treats from the dress and have the dog follow it and move away from the socks, then reward him.

In order for your dog to learn the teaching, it is important to repeat the action many times. You can also replace the treats with a chew toy.

You can then also do tests by leaving the clothes unattended and observing the dog’s behavior. With a lot of patience and time, you will see that your furry friend will no longer steal your socks.

Why do dogs like smelly socks?

See socks are made of fabric and the fabric is soft and chewy so when your dog is with socks they feel very comfortable and dogs have a great sense of smelling something.

So when they see dirty socks lying on the floor or in the shoes they get an idea to have fun with them and also feel pleased with the smell of their owner.

Are socks bad for dogs?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes . The reason is that socks are made with fabric and due to both their linear nature and their ability to ball up, socks may easily create health-related issues like gastrointestinal upset, blockages, and even septicemia and death.

If your dog is habitual to eating socks on daily basis then there is the possibility that maybe your dog has swallowed lots of thread and it has been collecting in his stomach and later They can become lodged in any part of your dog’s stomach and become the reason of your death.


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